Case Study

What I learned from this assignment is what it takes in order to create a magazine about steroids. What I had to do was to look at how a cover of the magazine was layout and to look at graphic novel panels in order to get the idea to the viewer on what I am talking about. Also I had to do research on steroids, for example the good and bad side of steroids along with what do they serve for medical purpose and which celebrities has used steroids and I was very shocked at certain famous people have used steroids. Adobe Illustrator was the program I used in order to create the characters to tell the story, I learned new tools in order to make the process simple and fast like the fill in paint bucket tool. Also a stylus was very useful to create the figures to make them look crisp and interesting, if I kept using the mouse to draw the figures it would have looked jagged and unpolished. I had to redo and create new pages to give additional information and and to increase the number of pages. Also I had to learn to transfer the images into Indesign and to lay them out as the rough sketch. I had to keep transferring over and over again because all of them turned out to be a blur and Indesign couldn’t read them.  This was a great experience to learn how to create a magazine and to get back into illustrator and indesign. GN_steroids_101GN_steroids_102GN_steroids_103GN_steroids_104GN_steroids_105GN_steroids_106