Game Design

This is the making of Bioshock Infinite and it talks about what kind of idea they wanted for the game even though they didn’t think it was a good idea. Shows how they would create the game and how wanting to make it look like a 1920’s look and feel to while also giving a that same feeling of Bioshock everyone knows in love.

When “L.A Noire” was coming out, everyone had heard that the Rockstar company was using technology to capture the character’s facial movements to make it seem realistic in the game. This video shows what the do, it’s very fascinating, its motion capture but they would put the actors in a room where there would be cameras surrounding the them and it would get every angle to capture every inch of there face to show that its not being animated by one of the animators so it would seem more like an actual person then a computer.

Level design is critical to the company so they can amaze their gamers to keep on playing their video game. what they would do is come up with a basic sketch of what the environment should look like to create the layout. Then would create a basic and simple look of an environment to get the feel if it is not what they’re looking for, to say its good but needs more work or they way it is and that’s what they’re looking for. Environments in games pushes your artistic ability to create a living breathing environment and to make the player seem like they’re in the actual world itself.

Motion capture of the “The Last of Us” showing the audience who are new to gaming or want to get into the business, of how they use real actors with motion capture to portray raw emotion into game to show how powerful this cut scene really is. Each performance by the two leading actors are carefully captured and looking at the top right corner you see that the performance  on the actual game.

In this video it shows the new UFC video game and showing the expressions on the fighters face. The creators had to look at how the fighters would react to victory, defeat or any other emotion, so they would be able to catch the realistic look for their game. The reason why is because the creators don’t want to create the expressions to look silly and unreal and also the company wants the player to feel what the fighter is feeling in the game.


This is people at a gaming company would create a their product, but this can apply to other assignments in life and other companies. Companies would meet up and discuss, then gather any information to help them succeed with their product. Have an idea and develop it, then when its all finished that product is released to the public to experience what the company has developed.

The videos are the making of Uncharted 4, this shows how the creators from Naughty Dog wants to create an epic conclusion to their series. shows the art direction within its characters and the environment around them because they want the players to be invested into the game and still be amazed at the detail. Also shows how they push technology of the Playstation 4 and what new features they added into their game.

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Level design is something that will keep the gamer continue to play the video game for hours. What we see in the image is a production of how the game designer wants their city to look like and how they can make it look interesting. Geometric shapes are included within the city so it can make it a real city instead of just simple and block like environments, and leaves the players unsatisfied.

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What game designers do to get their environment to look like its realistic, is that they go out and look at the world around them. For example, when Assassin’s Creed 2 was going to be set in Italy, the designers would go to Italy and take pictures to get there locations and what they would want in their game such as Venice and Florence. By using this technique they were able to create both cities in the game and were able to create it as accurate as possible for the player.

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This is from the video game “Rayman Legends”, and it shows the production from level design to the final product. This is interesting because it shows what it looks like from the beginning where they keep it simple to show what they want in their game. Then to an concept art to see what environment and what the characters should look like, what we see is that the characters are simple and creepy and the environment looks like a submarine. Last is the final game where everything is in and where everything is in place and is ready to be presented and the way this was accomplished was by following off the concept art and expanding it further from that art work. This is a great example an takes it step by step of how game design works.

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This image is the layout of a character that the creators want to put in their game, the grid lines show the folds and curves for the characters figure and texture for the clothing. This is a good way to see what it looks like during the production of a game and its related to  3d animation.

This is different angles of what looks like a Minotaur of how it should look and what the size should be for the final product. this fits in game design because the designer wants to give an idea of what the company wants for their video game while its in production.


The four videos above are how Ubisoft created Assassin’s Creed 3, they show how the designers created the character, how they set up the environment and what they want for their game. The designers show a rough 3d animation of the characters when then attack and how they can move through the environment and also show the city for players to explore.

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The image above shows an example of game design on creating a character, looking at how these figures are sculpted. Also game design shows how a character walks, runs, etc. to make the movement feel more natural and fluid. Game design uses different techniques like animation to create characters movements and how they talk, and just like animation, you use the 12 principles of animation to make sure that expressions, movements, etc. are in sync and to impress the players and critics who are playing the game.