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Typeface Personality is where the designer uses letters and arranges them for media and artwork. the purpose of type personality is to draw the viewers attention, this has been done in magazines so they can keep the viewers attention to keep reading what they are advertising. Designers are able to enlarge the words or just a single letter to make it seem out of place for an interesting composition and a focal point.


Type personality

The typeface personality is to grab the viewers attention to keep observing it and what makes it interesting. Typeface personality expresses what the artist is feeling and can be used in wide range of media. It can be used to advertise business, clubs at school, even being used to create a story.

Craig Ward


Craig Ward lives in New York as a creative director, designer sometimes even author and contributor to different journal industries. The clients that he works for his typography is Calvin Kline, Macy’s, Adobe, even The New York Times. his work has been documented, shown to everyone and has been awarded and it has been in countless books world wide.

Craig Ward

This typography was created by Craig Ward, who is lives in Brooklyn and creating more headlines and texts for his clients like Calvin Klein, Nike, Macy’s, even the New York Times. What the picture shows in the background is text saying “Good typography is invisible”hidden in the background, and the words in red pop out saying “Bad typography is everywhere”. Craig ward shows this perfectly by making the viewer look closely whats in the background because our first attention is looking at the red words and the artist gives a general idea of what he means about good and bad typography.

Image result for graphic design

Graphic design: The image above shows the computer letting various different colors out such as red, blue, etc. What the idea shows is that we are able to create works of art on a computer for businesses and our own personal needs. The image lets viewers now that we are now able to push art forward into the future because we can expand the field even further.



1) There is spiderman on the wall.

2) There are two look alikes.

3) The ball of  light has its brightness/contrast adjusted.

4) Tracks 21 to 11 has been cover with spot healing brush.

5) The person under tracks 21 to 11 has been covered with spot healing brush.

6) The Apple logo has been turned to pink.

7) The upper right window of the image has been painted red.

8) There are 3 black dots on a persons back in the bottom right.

9) In the directory there is a part of the ceiling design.

10) By the train time screen is a picture of I phones